A FIT Solutions ügyfeleink széles körű, minőségi kiszolgálására jött létre, melyet szakértőink szoros együttműködése révén valósítunk meg. Hatékony és gyors megoldásokat kínálunk a kommunikáció területén az internetes jelenléttől a nyomdai anyagokig.
Many people like to cook...
Why shouldn't they earn money with it and also meet some new people?
The idea was a social website and mobile application that helps open-minded food-enthusiast people who like cooking and trying new tastes getting known each other through cooking and eating together. We were involved from the very beginning: planning, improving the conception; through the graphical tasks; to the end: the development of the website. It is a great recognition that we were invited to Web Summit 2014 in Dublin where we were able to represent our company.
Create an account and join urbancooking.
Are your hungry? Or do you want to host a dinner?
Take a look what events are around you!
Type in any keywords you are looking for: cuisine, particular dishes, etc.
The search bar will automatically show you the best results around you based on your keywords.
According to your keywords, events will appear on a map displaying the matches around you.
At first glance you receive information about the host including ratings and a profile picture.
This event is full The map shows every event around your position
A detailed event page – clean, tidy and very appealing
As a host the event page is simple to customize and a very important step to a successful dinner party. From the description of your menu to pictures of the dishes and your location, the event page gives potential guests the opportunity to get an idea of the evening you are planning. To attract as many guests as possible, we from urbancooking recommend filling out this page in as much detail as possible. Let guests get in the mood for a wonderful evening at your place!
After having a great dinner, you decide to create your own event.
In 3 simple steps you can host your own event and earn money at the same time. See how easy it is and start you own little social cuisine at your own place.
Address and pictures of your venue
Describe your idea of the evening
Launch your event
Creating an event couldn’t be easier!
First, give your address and pictures of your kitchen and dining room, so that potential guests can get an idea of the venue.
Secondly, set a date and time for you dinner and describe what you plan to cook. With good pictures, your event page will look even more professional.
The last step is to launch your event. You see a preview of how your event will look. Check if everything is correct and if necessary go back a step.
you’ve created your first event!
Wait for your guests to attend your event. We from urbancooking wish you a successful dinner!
Mobile view

An urbancooking app will be available for iOS and Android simultaneously with the launch of the website. This feature is in particular interesting for getting an overview of on going events and afterward the rating system. We from urbancooking have gen- erated an evaluation system, which allows guests to rate their experience on the basis of different criteria - host can as well rate their guests. The more positive ratings one receive, the quicker one can reach a higher level, which provides advantages.

All in all the urbancooking app is a handy feature to the website which allows members of urbancooking to connect with other cooking enthusiasts wherever they are.

Thank you for watching!